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Kindness with Super Smiley® is part of the Super Smiley Project

*Sharing Kindness Round the World!

*Teaching Kids Kindness Through Animals

*Energizing Pet Adoption & Stewardship!

GOOD PEOPLE: This film is

a total collaboration of amazing

people who've followed Megan

& Super Smiley's work: to share animals as Healers and Teachers.


A GIFT:  Pet Life Radio's

Producer, Mark Winter, surprised Megan by writing a song sharing Smiley's messaging of KINDNESS.



Then the amazing BAFTA Winning Out of Our Minds Animation Studios created this beautiful animation.  









FRIENDS:  Megan & Smiley's friends are in the film's photos; & the actors are FilmMakers from the world acclaimed Animal Film Festival... with "The" Robert Harris during a Pet Partners Therapy Visit.






In this next film, SUPER SMILEY NARRATES HIS QUEST to find

"the smartest kids in the whole world" so he can prove animals are healers and teachers.


HIS MISSION BEGINS as his friends: Starfire, a beautiful Arabian horse who was saved from slaugher, Angel, his 4 time shelter "failure" German Shepherd, and his cute petting-zoo rescued mini horse, Mini HaHa wish him well on his journey.


HE TRAVELS to Inner City Downtown Los Angeles, where he meets the kids at the Salesian Boys and Girls Club...  


TOGETHER THEY EXPLORE animals as teachers.  And they end up doing the cutest flash mob in the whole world.  For Kindness...



        Super Smiley       

Kindness Ambassadors 

JOIN US: Watch it. Then share it to join Super Smiley in

Sharing Kindness Around the World!

Be Kind To Animals.   Be Kind To Humans.  Become Kindness.



Super Smiley won The Ambassador

of Kindness Award at The Animal

Film Festival for this Little 1 minute

film with a Big message, and State Farm named Super Smiley their Ambassador of Kindness too!

Shelter Dog Finds His "Inner Mutt Super HeroTM" for Kindness

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